Welcome to the Bubble Witch Saga 2 Wiki! We are a collaborating community about the new hit game Bubble Witch 2 Saga!. The game follows as Stella and her cats go on an epic journey to find clues/ and finally defeat the Malicious Morgana. On the way, browsing through this wikia, we hope you constantly learn more and more and even more about this phenomenal game. We love seeing more viewers and users. Although, this wikia is about the game. You might be thinking, Why should I trust them, Why should I choose them? Here are why we think you should Choose Us:

  1. We provide a official informational wikia, with a friendly environment
  2. Admins can help you around the wikia if your mixed in jumbles and jits.
  3. Help you if your confused
  4. Edit a page, with some information that you have contributed
  5. Play daily or weekly games with hosts
  6. Meet new friends, and battle each other to see who's the highest rank on the wikia, and which 'Witch is the farest in the game.
  7. Add and get benefits out of editing, and registering!
  8. Add photos and pages of the lastest information out
  9. Customize and modify your own user page to make it represent you
  10. Lastly, so we can have in our team!

We encourage other IP address users (Known as users who are not register and may be under the name of 'Wikia Contributor') to register and give them self a unique self-thought username. It is always good to register, to enjoy the benefits of ;

  1. Naming your username so someone related, could recognize your username.
  2. Get content that some other 'Wikia Contributors' can't access
  3. Edit in either 2 different modes, weather its source (coding)  or visual editing ... the choice is yours!
  4. Earn achievements, as you go through editing and earn points too.

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