Welcome to the Bubble Witch Saga Wiki! First of all we admins would like to thank you for making time to visit this wiki. If you are brand new to this wiki this page is all about how YOU can customize your personal page. If you need a tour links are available to be used. Don't forget to visit other wiki's too! 

Tools Edit

Tools, tools, What am I suppose to do with this? There are several tools on this wiki too make your personal page, wiki page, or even wiki to stand out. Observe, lets look at some tools that could come in handy!

B: Known as 'Bold Letters'. It makes your letters from normal standard writing to Bold Standout thick letters.

i: Known as 'Itallic Writing'. It is used to make your writing slightly slight. It is well commonly used as well as Bold Letters, on our including you's, wiki.

The tool beside the itallic writing tool. It is a tool allowing the user to acess and make a long link into a short link. Just like! For Eg. Instead of writing | | Why not shorten it to Google?

The Bulletpoint Tool: It is a tool allowing the current editor to decide if they want to use Bulletpoints, number, or next to the number bulletpoint, shift it over.

Features: Such as Templates, video adder, photo adder, Table properties e.g

Photo: The Photo tool allows the editor to add or remove a photo. If it doesn't match the content we well recommend you not to post it up.

Gallery: Much like above, but you add multiple photo's instead of one.

Slideshow: Slideshow is like the two explained above, but although they can expand uploading pictures, this tool is used to debut pictures one by one. This is however not suitable for any content unless its an open page, main page and other main pages are similar and for example.

Slider: Is like a slideshow, it features and appears in Bubble Witch Saga 2 Wiki home page.

Video: The Video tool allows the editor to add or remove a video. It has to be like-related to the content.

Table: The Table feature allows any editor to choose and make a table, not a real table but like a category table.

Wiki IntroEdit

Bubble Witch Saga 2 is a beloved wiki, getting contributes everyday and being edited daily. Our beloved wiki was founded by User:Variety3241. We are a collaborating community that writes new updates, and currently update this wiki. This wiki is opened to anyone. But please do not vandal this wiki, it may have a result of being blocked. We also have administrators, everyone have a diffrent ability of current edits. We hope you enjoy your time here with us at the Bubble Witch Saga 2 Wiki. Stay tuned for latest news...

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