Cursed Bubble

Cursed Bubble or Infected Bubble is a blocker bubble in Bubble Witch Saga 2. This cursed bubble is quite unique as it has a zombie-like face. This element is first introduced in level 171 - Pescue Island.

What it doesEdit

  • Your bubble will transform into a cursed bubble if you hit it. It is usually used to block important elements on a level.

How to get rid of itEdit

  • You can pop a cursed bubble by matching it with 4 others. You can also drop it.


  • It is quite easy to spot and makes funny noises. When a normal bubble turns into a cursed bubble, the sound it makes is a stuporous-sounding "Glaaah?"
  • It is smiliar to the diseased bubbles from the first game. However, it can be destroyed unlike the diseased bubbles and do not spread with each match.