Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg is one of the special bubbles in Bubble Witch 2 Saga. This bubble destroys three bubbles on the board when hit and can be used multiple times. It is first introduced in level 271, the first level in the 16th episode, Magma Mansion.

What it doesEdit

Dragon Egg t

It destroys three bubbles on the board when hit. The first time you hit it, the egg will hatch into a dragon. The dragon will destroy three bubbles with its fire breath. It will then fly to an empty spot on the board and will sleep until it is hit again (or when it hits the edge of the board on ghost levels). After it is hit two times, it will start glowing and will have open eyes. It can be used three times before it flies away. It will not fly back to the board if you drop it and it will leave, just like when you hit it three times.

On classic and ghost levels, the dragon will not destroy ceiling bubbles or bubbles touching the ghost.