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Invite friends icon

Friends are groups of online Bubble Witch Saga 2 players. The company arbitrarily assigns new users to a group of friends and users can invite others to become their friends.

  1. When you have run out of lives a pink icon appears saying, "Ask Friends". If you click on that icon all your friends see displayed that you have run out of lives, friends can click on an icon to give you an extra life.
  2. When you need tickets for a higher level a similar pink icon appears. All your friends see that you need tickets and each can give you one ticket.
  3. Friends can help each other by giving more moves, boosters and in other ways.

Friends generally like each other and help each other a great deal. Friends can also become fiercely competitive, The company encourages competition by telling players frequently who has done better and who has done worse than you have.

On other devicesEdit

  • Facebook and mobile versions use your Facebook friends; they have the same role as King's friends.