Frobble is a blocker bubble in Bubble Witch 2 Saga. This blocker adds three bubbles to the board every three moves. This is the first blocker bubble to have a face. This blocker cannot be matched. It is first introduced in level 91, the first level in The Cursed Watermill episode.

What it doesEdit

  • It interferes with Stella's progress by adding three bubbles to the board every three moves. You can tell how many moves it'll take until it adds more bubbles by looking at the movement of its eyes; it will open one eye for every move you do (order: left eye, right eye, middle eye).


  • The Frobble will only start adding bubbles when you can see it on the board. It will 'go to sleep' when you can't see it on the board (you can do this by making a vertical line of bubbles on the board)

How to get rid of itEdit

Quotes Edit

  • "You think is hard? Right! My job is spitting Bubbles someone throws me into a hot pot! Hey! Don't laugh! I can see you!" - Frobble