Lava Bubble Booster

Lava Bubble is one of the booster bubbles in Bubble Witch 2 Saga.

This element debuts at level 211. To make this element 'spark', successfully match 6 bubbles, activate one hot pot and a fire bubble will appear. This element will not show on any other level besides level 211 and higher.

This booster was free until the update of Crystal Peak. It originally spawned when you had activated hot pot (on level 211 and up).

How to make it workEdit

  • As above, just match 6 bubbles (you'll see when it says something like "5 hits") activate a hot pot and a fire bubble should appear.
  • This booster can fire-up the pots to create 3 fired bubbles, then could be collected in the cauldrons. All bubble types can be converted under a Lava Bubble shot.


  • This booster is like the fire bubble.
  • This booster is very useful in the Ghost levels. Also, this booster is very helpful to destroy Blocker Bubbles, such as Carnivorous Plant, Bubble Bomb, Bubble Wheel, Black Hole, Ice Bubble and Frobble Bubbles.