Bubble Witch Saga 2 currently has 1870 levels, all within 95 episodes. All levels have a certain level type. All level types have a different look and shape.

Note: This is a sub-level page, to see the full list of levels visit the List of Levels.

Level typesEdit

In Bubble Witch 2 Saga, there are 4 different types of level:

  • Classic Classictype - Clear the top at least 6 in a certain amount of bubbles.
  • Ghost Ghosttype - Clear the bubbles around the ghost in a certain amount of bubbles.
  • Animals Animalstype - Save a certain amount of animals in bubbles.
  • Morgana Morganatype - Destroy a certain amount of Morgana's shields in a certain amount of bubbles.
Level type Icon First Appearance Last Appearance Appearances
Classic Classictype Level 1
Ghost Ghosttype Level 6
Animals Animalstype Level 11
Morgana Morganatype Level 21

Bubble RainEdit

Bubble Rain Intro

Bubble Rain happens when the player completes the objective of a level. The bubbles are dropped into the cauldrons, and scores additional points.

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