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Morgana is the main antagonist in Bubble Witch Saga 2 and is around 1,700 to 2,000 years old. Morgana is likely to be referred and related to Morgana Pendragon. Originally she was a good witch, but eventually having a bad ending from the Evil Morguse. She is a skull-faced witch. When Stella fails a level, she teases her in and breaks her broomstick.

For all of her powers and bravado, however, Morgana is generally cowardly, choosing to run away and hide behind enchanted glass shields (in the Morgana levels) than to fight Stella directly, and choosing to send her minions (such as frobbles, bat bubbles and the zombie-like cursed bubbles) to do her dirty work and run interference against Stella for her. Unlike other witches, she travels around in a vacuum cleaner.


She is the second (First being the cats) to have an outcome of not being human. She has a dead effect that makes her look scary and bold. She litters the realm with ghosts stopping Stella from discovering the realm. She appears at the end of a level, which you have to fail in order to see her, at the top left corner near Stella's head laughing and giggling. In which the title below reads 'Out of Bubbles'.

Who's the boss?

Who's the boss?

Differences between the first game and the second oneEdit

Bubble Witch SagaEdit

Technically there is no bad witch in Bubble Witch Saga. However, when you fail a level in Bubble Witch Saga, a witch flies on a broomstick across the screen, and at the back of her reads 'You are out of Bubbles' or 'You have hit a Doom Bubble' or any other notes regarding about how you failed. That witch is shaped like Hazel flying across the screen. 

Bubble Witch 2 SagaEdit

Morgana is the first witch to be evil and make a disgrace in her target. However, when you fail a level on Bubble Witch 2 Saga, it's completely different to the original saga. It just formally states "Out of Bubble". Nothing else to mention of how you "failed".