This level has 25 moves

Moves are one of the main features of Bubble Witch 2 Saga. A move consists of shooting a bubble anywhere on the board. Doing this will decrease the total number of moves remaining by one (which is shown on the bubble shooter). The total remaining moves will decrease by one for every move the player makes. Every level has a different number of moves available to achieve the level objective. The moves can range from 1 move to more than 70.

After the level objective has been achieved Bubble Rain will be activated, the remaining moves will shoot out of the bubble shooter and into one of the five cauldrons under it, this will add more points to the player's total score. If the player runs out of moves without completing the level objective they will fail the level and lose one life.

About bubble shooting moves

Successful moves

A successful move is when the player:

Spiders will be added to the board when the player does this. If the player does six successful moves in a row, Hot Pot will activate.

Unsuccessful moves

An unsuccessful move is when the player:

  • Misses their shot, such as hitting a Blocker Bubble, not matching three bubbles of the same color together, hitting a Cursed Bubble, or shooting into a Black Hole. Two spiders are removed from the board every time the player misses and a missed move will deactivate a Hot Pot.

Gaining moves

The player can gain additional moves by:

If the player runs out of moves before completing the level objective, they may be offered a chance to buy extra moves and booster bubbles.