Nero and Violet are Stella's cats, and are also the main protagonists of the game, Bubble Witch 2 Saga. They help Stella to stop Morgana from plaguing Witch Country with dark spirits.


In the game, it doesn't really tell you much about Nero and Violet.


The Naughty Cat

  • Stella's naughtiest cat. Hoping to help on missions, he sometimes causes mischief along the way.
  • Nero is Navy blue and has yellow eyes, he also wears a brown witches hat. He wears a pink collar with a yellow crescent moon attached to it.
  • Nero got his brown witches hat from Stella's grandmother.


The Sophisticated Sidekick

  • As Stella's sophisticated sidekick, Violet accompanies her on all her missions. Never flustered, she always remains calm in the face of evil.

Violet's Hat

  • Violet is white and has red eyes.
  • She wears a pink hat with a feather on it and a pink bow on her neck. She wears her hat on an angle; usually on her right side(but she has also worn it on her left side)
  • She cannot walk on two feet.
  • Violet can be seen on Stella's broomstick as she accompanies her(Stella) on her missions.
Stella and violet

Stella and Violet


  • Nero's name was chosen by fans on facebook. Fans were given three options, 'Norris', 'Renato', and 'Nero'.
  • If fans chose 'Norris', he would have a twin named 'Morris' from the first saga. Morris is the sneaky/naughty cat where he can help you advance a level just by paying 16 - 32 Facebook credits.


  • "Huh? Why can I see myself in here? Is this what humans call a mirror? Wait, why is it talking to me? Hello?" - NERO (Nero looking at himself on the mobile version of the game)
  • "I'm a cat so I'm not sure what to do with this. But I'm sure you know ;) " - NERO
  • "Hi! I believe we haven't been introduced! My name is Violet. I'm one of Stella's companions and I join her in every mission; I'm not easily scared! Can your cat ride a broom? Exactly!" - Violet
  • "Be wise like a cat and use your bubbles carefully! If you keep matching 3 you will be able to get more points. Think twice! That's why you have 2 bubbles to choose" - The cats
  • "Hey, hey, listen up we are having a #HarvestSale so that when you buy a firebubble you'll get unlimited life for two hours or more !"- NERO
  • "Aah! How should I name my little furry friend? So may options! You know what...why don't you guys help me? I've come up with these 3 options. Will you give me a hand?" - Stella
    1. NORRIS
    2. RENATO
    3. NERO