Regular bubbles are the bubbles that the player can match in Bubble Witch 2 Saga. They are the main items in the game. The player can get at least three of them together so that the player can make a match, earn some points and accomplish a level objective. Regular bubbles come from the Bubble Shooter. The player can shoot them by clicking the mouse button on web, or touching the screen on mobile.

There are various colors of regular bubbles:

Red Yellow Green Blue Purple
Red Bubble
Yellow Bubble
Green Bubble
Blue Bubble-0
Pink Bubble

How do they work?Edit

Bubble tutorial

You match them on the board, by shooting other regular bubbles from the Bubble Shooter - you need to match three of the same-colored regular bubbles together. The bigger the number of consisting bubbles, the more points you get. 

Each destroyed regular bubble earns you 10 points on the first shot, 15 on the second shot, 20 on the third one and so on (they must be matched in a row - without any shots that didn't make a match). If you shoot a bubble and it doesn't make a match anywhere, the circle restarts). If you make six bubble matches in a row, you will get Hot Pot.


  • Each bubble has different stuff based on its color.
    • Red - Mushroom
    • Yellow - A worm
    • Green - A clover
    • Blue - Two eyeballs
    • Purple - An octopus leg


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