Score (or Points) is the fundamental element in Bubble Witch 2 SagaIt is a statistic number that is calculated during and after completing a level. The score will vary every time you complete a level. It will also vary for each level in the game as it is easier and harder to score points on each level. Currently, every level has a score requirement to pass and unlike the first game, all levels will have one star target score that is low enough for the player to pass if they have completed the main objective.

To pass a level, you need to obtain enough points to gain one star. The number of stars you obtain depends on your score at the end of the level. You can have a maximum of 3 stars for each level.

You will need to achieve the level objective as well as reach the target score to pass a level. This will be to:

Elements' Attributed Points Edit

Element Description Points Picture
Matching Regular Bubbles Matching Regular Bubble happens when you shoot a bubble and it makes a connection of 3 or more Regular Bubbles of the same color. The points from matching Regular Bubbles varies depending on how many Regular Bubbles are connected.
Spiders Spiders appear above the Cauldrons to aid the player in earning points in each level. The points spiders give increase with each consecutive bounce from a falling bubble. Blue Spiders are worth 25 points, Gold Spiders are worth 50 points, Green Spiders clone Bubbles that bounce off them to increase points earned in the Cauldrons.
Cauldrons Cauldrons are located at the bottom of the level and are positioned to collect all dropped Bubbles. Each Bubble to fall into the Cauldrons will give 100, 500, or 1,000 points depending on which Cauldron the bubble falls into.
Hot Pot Six successful moves in a row will activate Hot Pot. A Hot Pot doubles the points received for each bubble that falls into the Cauldrons. Each bubble that falls into the Cauldrons during a Hot Pot will give 200, 1,000, or 2,000 points depending on which Cauldron the bubble falls into.
Hot Pot
Bubble Rain Bubble Rain is triggered when a player finishes the level with moves leftover. Points vary depending on how many leftover moves the player has.