Special bubbles are the items in Bubble Witch 2 Saga which are positioned on the board and usually help a player to pass a level. Ceiling Bubble is also considered a special bubble, but it's very unique and has a totally different purpose than other special bubbles.

There are many different kinds of special bubbles. Each has different properties.

The following is a list of special bubbles:

Image Name First appearance What it does
Line blast bubble
Line Blast Bubble Level 26 Once touched, it destroys the whole row it's positioned on and therefore, everything underneath it.
Zen Bubble
Zen Bubble Level 71 Once touched, it explodes and destroys the surrounding bubbles. 
Bubble Mill Level 131 Once touched, it adds 3 more bubbles to the Bubble Shooter.
Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg Level 271 Once touched, it destroys 3 bubbles on the board. It can be used multiple times. This element has similar power with Lava Bubble.


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