The Witches Country is the main place of which where all things occur. The Witches Country consists of all episodes and is not splitted into two major parts. Obviously, the Witches Country is not the same as before but since this is 'cartoony-modified' that explains why. Witches Country is a very tranquil and no too much populated, may be led by queen Medea , the queen of witches , the kingdo is divided in provinces, Magic School is ubicated on the southern province , nearly the Green pastures, the capital city is the one That appears on Journey's End , the currency is the flügel and the economy is based on agricultura and some fishing.

Witches Country RecountEdit

  • The Witches Country has existed ever since Luna, Selma and Hazel existed.
  • The Witches Country in the first saga has over fifty-four (54) episodes. In this case, for the second saga the levels are still being added.
  • In The Witches Country in the first saga, the episode holds ten (10) levels each, with exceptions of the first and last episode of the section with only five levels.
  • The Witches Country in the first saga seems more 'darky', evil-ish. In the second saga, it seems more bright, inviting, friendly.
  • Obviously, when you: start playing both games it will say "Welcome to the Witches Country!"

Gallery Edit

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